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Sao Paulo

Ice cream freezer. Ready to plug in.

The ideal ice cream sales promotor – designed to maximize visual merchandising and ease of use.
You will be impressed by the practical, innovative and market-oriented cabinets – a result of our worldwide experience.

AHT Sao Paolo
Available with R290

Key benefits

  • Low height for easy access for children
  • One-piece plastic-top frame
  • Ready to plug in
  • Easy sliding, flat glass lids with patented, one-piece injected AHT lid frame
  • Low energy consumption
  • Maintenance free
  • Tried and tested AHT quality for trouble-free long life
  • A wide range of accessories and extras
  • Intelligent fan motor for more energy efficiency – saves approximately 0,5 kWh daily


  • External or internal thermometer available
  • Fixable double castors
  • Basket and dividers
  • Lock
  • Built-in rivnuts for mounting fixtures, canopies, etc.
  • Insulated lids
  • Energy-saving fan motor

* Available at extra charge.

Integrated Temperature

  • Ice Cream Freezer: –15 °F